Multiple choice! Crawford Creative Studio are:

A) San Diego's premier online fishery

B) Ninja-Astronauts

C) Too clever by half

D) Makers and do-ers of cool things

If you said D, congratulations, you are correct!  If you said C, we glare at you.  If you said A, hit us up on the contact page - there's a business model there.  If you said B, we respect you because you dream BIG.

Take a look around; the blog is below, individual projects are on other pages.


Yet More Jewelry!

The sixth wedding anniversary's traditional gift material is iron. (Who knew?) I bought this great horseshoe nail necklace from Twisted Iron Jewelry, then did a bit of a remix. Swapped in angular beads and a yellow leather cord for a modern flavor.




We were inspired this week by Patricia Zapata's lovely work on A Little Hut. Here's our take on her paper pendant necklace.


In Stores Now!

We're so happy to have CLOCK sold at Nest Vintage, a super-cool mod/mid-century furniture store in Golden Hill.  They have a ton of awesome pieces, and now our stuff is counted among them.  Check it out!


A New Post

...of some not-all-new work.  I did a mural of sparrows and penguins in our kitchen a year ago, and just realized it should be up here.  Also, a wall hanging made with a tube, cord, and a box of colored pencils.




We're 20% of the top 10!

This is really exciting.  Two of our projects are in the top 10 Ikea Hacks of the year.  You can vote here and see the rest of the entries, which are all really cool.  My favorite is the spring-back banker's chair.